Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sea Witch

Today I’m a right proper sea witch. Down to the water go I, wild of hair, entangled in kelp, and dripping with salt. I’m searching for moonstones cast up by the incoming tide, and instead find jaspers and shells, and no moonstones until I stop looking for them and then they come rolling in. Isn’t that just the way of life?

The pelicans fly overhead in great flocks. They proceed both north and south so I know they are not in migration, but scope for schools of fish to eat. I spread my arms wide as they fly over. I am not the only human doing this. It is a good beach, this one. No tourists. Just lone walkers and the flirts of surfers.

So, I marvel at the moonstones rolling in at the last few moments of my walk and I laugh. For the moonstones are like life. You don’t know where they are going to be or when they are going to roll in, but you know that it’s your job to go down to the beach and look. And they’ll find you. The right ones. The ones meant for you. I pause at the base of the cliffs and near a spray of ice plant flowers to pen these words.

Gulls stand on rocks as the water comes in providing them with their supper. As with the moonstones, they don’t know exactly what is coming to them, but they know that it will, and they wait on the rocks.

So what is the use of worry?


  1. What a great excursion you had...such a beautiful day, and how much more beautiful it was when you put it into words. My tail is between my legs for not venturing out with you...meow :-)

  2. I popped over from Jackies blog to say how you made me laugh with your description of your painting ability. And was delighted to find your lovely blog...I found your Nov 9 2010 post very encouraging...Thanks I needed that today!

  3. Anita! So pleased! Let me go find you too. Jackie is the very essence of magical living, and her ruined village is a great source of inspiration and delight to me. Thank you for finding me!