Sunday, September 13, 2009

Clean it out with the waning moon

Yesterday I had a good old clear out of several kitchen cabinets. We all have some version of these cabinets. Mine were the tea and spice cabinets. They had been accumulating for over three years and I was frankly avoiding opening the doors. I knew critical mass had occurred when I realized that the coffee and tea I use daily lived on the counter because there was no room in the cabinet!

So, armed with large trash bags, I approached the cabinets and ruthlessly evaluated and separated useful from not useful. My criteria: If I hadn’t used it in nine months it went! I said to myself: I could have grown a baby in the time since I last used this thing! And out it would go. An hour later I had a bag full of discards, and a bag full of glass and tin for the recycler. Then I scrubbed out the cabinets, and spritzed them with some homemade air freshener so they sparkled with good energy. Wow! Much better feel to the entire kitchen! Gone were the twigs and leaves of once lovely teas now stale. No more anemic spices left over from the recipe I made only twice! Now I have an organized cabinet of useful fresh tea, coffee, and spice items.

Over time the cabinet became stale and was adding negative energy to the room. This in turn made me not want to open the cabinet door and instead stack the daily items on the counter! It was dragging me down!

It’s an interesting and sad phenomenon; what negative energy does in the presence of positive energy. Say you have some positive people in a room, emanating a high, positive vibration. Enter a person emanating a lower, negative energy and who is resistant to change. What happens? Do the positive people induce the negative person to become positive?

Sometimes it happens, but more likely than not, one of two things typically happens first:

1. The positive reject the negative and continue with their positive vibe. This results in the negative becoming affronted or offended and in response escalating their negative vibe. Discord ensues. Typically the negative one leaves in a state of great negativity and agitation, and the positive ones feel attacked.

2. In an effort to be conciliatory and avoid confrontation, the positive lower their vibration to accommodate the negative. This results in the negative one ‘feeding’ off the positive, and in the positive being depleted. The entire situation is lowered because the negative remains negative.

We see this every day at work and in society. And we certainly see it being played out politically in the US right now. I’m not sure what the answer is. Negative energy is always going to be there; it plays a part in an energetic balance that is somehow necessary. For what, I don’t know. We can’t control society. But we are part of society and somehow we are part of the positive change that is happening (let’s all sing Age of Aquarius now….)

We can keep on keeping’ on, and we can create a positive home environment to sustain us through the unavoidable dealings with negativity. And part of that involves magical housekeeping. We can use natural products that help add positivity to our environment, and this will sustain us as we maintain our positive vibrations.

Tomorrow I’ll post an easy recipe for homemade air freshener that is guaranteed to clear a room of negative energy and add a little sparkle to anything you use it on!


  1. Hi Deb!
    Great blog!I have sooooo much of the cupboard cleaning to do; it is crazy! My great aunt and uncle had cupboards that are full of old stuffit is amazing!I have been just using a few that I cleaned out when I moved here, but it is time to go further and do more! I don't know for the life of me, why my great aunt and uncle needed so many bottles of syrup!The recycling bin is going to be jammed! (Well, it will take many trips!)
    Anyway, negativity can drain a person,and some people(I feel) seem to relish in zapping a person's positive energy with their exceptionally virulent negativity! (vampirism in reverse, so to speak, but you DO lose your psychic energy somewhat in the process!) I have a healthy negativity (is it?) toward wrongs that I feel need attention and changing in the world, and toward the people who commit the wrongs, but in that instance, the negativity is a catalyst for positive action (of course it is subjective,isn't it?) I use the guide that if something seems to be beneficial to people, then I am on the right track in my thinking.
    I may have strayed a bit from your subject,but it has stimulated my brain on this early Sunday morning, so it can't be too bad, can it?
    Have a lovely day, and Thank You!

  2. Cheryl, you post away! You can always be counted on to speak your mind,and that is a precious thing. Your opinions are always welcome. I feel that negative people are psychic vampires - they may not be aware that they are feeding off others, but they are. People are depleted by their negativity. Your self-described negativity sounds more like outrage to me - and outrage can be channeled toward the good.