Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Full Moon and Crystals

Just like the New Moon, the Full lasts only a moment. You can feel it. For energy work purposes though, the effect of the Full Moon extends for a ‘full’ seven days: three days before and three days after. After this time the Moon begins to significantly wane and other sorts of energy work are best done then.

I like to use the time of the Full Moon to cleanse and charge things. Especially my collection of crystals: the decorative, the jewels, and the ‘working’ crystals used for healing. Because I get a lot of questions about it, I thought I’d take the Full Moon time to write about energetic crystal cleansing. Everyone develops her own traditions, and you will develop yours, too. Here’s an introduction:

Lisa Williams taught me to regard crystals as though they are little sponges. I love her metaphor. They soak up negativity and there is only so much they can take on and then they must be cleansed out or they become ineffective, just like a washing up sponge. Most crystals will benefit from periodic rinsing in salt water (know that some are friable and cannot tolerate water – there are other methods of cleansing for them). I either take my crystals to the ocean, or mix up a good bath of salt water and rinse them in that. As you rinse, set your intention that all negativity leaves the stone. Then they are ready for charging! That’s where the Full Moon comes in.

Set the crystals out where they are safe (from robbers, from raccoons, from anything that may be tempted by the sparkle) yet can access the night air during the Full Moon. It’s not imperative that there be a visible moon. If it’s overcast or raining (or snowing) it doesn’t matter. It’s the energy you want. Moonglow is merely a tracer for the energy. You can set them on your windowsill, on your patio, in your yard, on your roof – wherever they are safe Let them sit there all night if you can. You’ll know what to do.

If you set out some bottles of water too, you’ll have Moon Water to use for charging during the coming month. The water will hold the charge. Moon Water is great for zapping up crystals, washing your face, cleaning your kitchen, making air freshener – you name it. It adds a little extra zip to everything you use it for.

When I was in litigation I used to treat myself to pampering at Bellagio and would always get a stone massage. The masseur I saw was into Native American shamanic magic and healing, and would take the stones up onto his roof there in the Las Vegas desert and charge them. You could feel the difference in the stones. He would also burn sage during the massage. Very cleansing. (You can similarly use sage to cleanse friable crystals)

This is just a summary. There is much more to the subject, but this will get you started if this is the first Full Moon you will charge crystals. Dig into your jewelry drawers and grab stones that haven’t been charged in a long time. Clean them and get them into that Full Moon energy! And notice the difference when you wear them.

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If you have any questions, feel free to email me; I’d love to hear from you.


  1. Have you worked with pyrite and quartz? I heard there are only three places on earth where these two minerals occur together. One of the places is the northern Cascades of Washington state. It is highly sought after but hard to come by. Just curious if you know much about this.

  2. Owlbear, I have historically used pyrite as an energy protector. I meditate with a large iron pyrite fossilized sand dollar and find that very calming. And of course I use quartz in just about everything! (It is a great amplifier and will boost the juice of almost any other crystal). That is v. interesting about the Cascades. I don't know much about that region yet. You intrigue me to do some research! What else have you heard?