Wednesday, September 9, 2009


09-09-09. Lots of analysis about today’s date is coming across my cyber doorway today. Numerological significance. Mystical import. Astrological. Astronomical. Quantum reality.

All I can really tell is that the veil is thin today. It’s a great day to meditate and get some wisdom. If you’re in meditative practice, then you likely noticed this. Kundalini energy rises easily. Uplink-ing – what I call that connection with other dimensions – is effortless. For me the third eye colors flow and Spirit communicates directly today.

If you’re new to meditation, today’s a really good day to start. Just sit quietly with your back fairly straight (so the energy can rise on your spine more easily). Be comfortable and don’t force anything. Breathe in and out through your nose, and be aware of your breath. Don’t concentrate on it; just be aware of it. Think the word “I” on inspiration, and “Am” on exhalation. If you get distracted, just brush it away and return to your breath. See where you go. What you see. Who you meet (you might meet yourself!).

Whether you achieve a little relaxation, some third eye activity, or full-on communication with Spirit doesn’t really matter. What is good is that you “showed up to the mat”. It’s not a competition. It’s your reality. Be aware of who you are at your core level. The rest falls into place when you know who you are.


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