Saturday, August 29, 2009


Lots of signs from Nature this weekend. Yesterday I moved all the plants from the inside planter at the library onto the patio, so the planter can be repaired. I took a bit of care with them, tied up some weak branches, and made sure they all had plenty of water. When I went outside to check on them for the last time before the weekend I saw a crow had visited them as well and left a feather, which my cats are now enjoying.

Then early this morning I got up and watered all my home patio plants and topped off the fountain water (it’s been over one hundred degrees during the day lately and everyone is thirsty; even the fountain). Found a solitary sparrow feather sitting waiting for me when I went out to check on it all a little after the watering. Hmmm. Lots of birdy gifts.

The most fantastic sign of all though was later this morning as I was shopping. I went to the local Sephora to check out Kat Von D’s makeup line, and after buying some iridescent eye shadow was walking back to my car when a huge scarab beetle flew up to me and slowly began circling me. He passed up and down me, and regarded me front and back. His iridescent blue and green shell glimmered in the sun and resembled the powders freshly painted on my face (I am not always the demure reference law librarian). He landed on my hand, appeared to study me quite intently and then circled me a few more times before taking stock and continuing his way down the pathway. The total encounter was probably about four or five minutes long. Another shopper witnessed this and came up to me, asking whether I knew anyone who had passed who liked scarab beetles. She said surely this was the soul of someone who knew me. Well, of course I know who this was. And I smiled, tears stabbing the back of my eyes, as this person is with me always, and shows himself in the sweetest and funniest ways.

I spent the afternoon laughing and teasing myself that I see Spirit in a lot of strange ways! Feathers blowing by and overly familiar scarab beetles! Then I turned on a television rerun of Lisa William’s Life Among the Dead, and of all the episodes that could have been showing, the one being broadcast was the one most personal to me: the War Widow reading, which makes me remember so vividly a reading I had a few years ago in which my friend came through for the first time since his passing. Coincidence? Ah, there are no coincidences!

I believe our loved ones in spirit send us signs all the time to let us know that they are there and that they care about us and are helping us. Spirit has the ability to influence nature, like crows and scarab beetles. Watch. Be open. And see who shows for you today. It might be the penny on the ground (check the date!), the animal encounter, or, as my neighbor experiences,the finding of hairpins in the oddest places and times. How does Spirit show to you?

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