Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thoughts Become Things.. and sometimes silly evenings

This evening I’m having dinner with Paula, a librarian from the GIA– my favorite cache of crystals in the whole universe. I met Paula at a party a couple of weeks ago and we hit it off. It happens that way when you work with crystals. You keep finding more people and crystals. Our encounter got me thinking of the concept of synchronicity, and one of my favorite stories. Some of you have heard this already, as I love to tell it, so apologies all around and feel free to click off now if you know this one.

It was several years ago and I was at one of Deepak Chopra’s satsungs in La Jolla back when he had his Center there. That night the main speaker was the legendary Fred Alan Wolf, physicist extraordinaire. When Fred talks I can barely keep up with his ideas – he zooms around on a plane well above my thick head. But I love, love listening to him. Dr. Wolf spoke at length about how scientists have demonstrated in a tangible way how a thought can become form; how the particles emerge from the mist; how things go, as his book title implies, from Mind Into Matter.

As coincidence – or in this case synchronicity – would have it, musician Dave Stewart was in the group as well. And as the evening continued we all got very silly. There were tabla players there and we got Deepak rapping Rumi out to their beats; we made Dave go out to his bus to get his guitar and we sang and made merry. And as the hours slipped by it all got very cozy. At one point Fred said he had always wanted to make a movie about the quantum reality in such a way as to make the concepts accessible to the average viewer – he wanted to make it a la Monty Python. Jokes were made as to how this could take form, and then – in a moment of pure synchronicity – Dave mentioned that he was meeting with Eric Idle in London the following week, and would Fred like to get together? The shock on Fred’s face said it all. Of course! Imagine saying you want to make a Monty Python film and someone says oh here, let’s go meet with the creator of Monty Python…. Wild!

Now at that point Yours Truly left the story, not to speak with either Dr. Wolf or Mr. Stewart since, but in matter of a couple of years, What the Bleep Do We Know came out. If you haven’t seen this yet, you should. It’s a great film about how the quantum reality works and it’s done in Dr Wolf’s crazy manner. It’s the film he made – the film he intended to make way back at that synchronous satsung evening. The film he set his mind on creating. People and situations and circumstances rose up to meet his intention. Out of his mind came this creation. Synchronicity…. It brought him everything he needed. Only… he had to take the initial steps to put the whole thing into action.

What could we do in two years if we put our minds to it? We could do anything. We really could.

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