Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sage it Out With the New Moon

Ah the Dark of the Moon is upon us tonight and anticipation fills the air. But first… housekeeping is in order! And given the focus of this blog, of course I mean magical housekeeping!

Magical housekeeping can be done anytime, anywhere, but is especially appropriate at the time of the New Moon. The idea is to clear the space you live in of negative energy, which has accumulated over a period of time. By doing it now, at the New Moon, you can start the coming lunar cycle with a sparkling and peaceful home environment.

If you haven’t ever done this for your home, I strongly recommend that you do. Negative energy attaches to places for many reasons and in many ways and after time it can really become interfering. Sadness, anxiety, conflict; these all happen to us at various times and the negativity lingers and must be cleaned away. Have you ever been to a location that had something horrible happen there? Remember the residual energy you felt there? The same thing happens in your home as the result of your emotions, your interactions with others, and just the messy business of living.

You want your loved ones to have a happy and calm place to live, eat, and sleep. A magical home may not be always free of strife, but it can be restored to a place of peace with some intention and ritual, and time-tested methods.

If your home has a lot of negative energy, it will take a few cleaning sessions. Once you get a place cleansed, though, absent any horrific events, routine cleaning will keep it fresh and positive.

Here are some of the things I do; I’d love to hear your methods as well.

Open the windows and doors. Let the air flow through. If you do nothing else, do this. Life energy, or chi, gets stagnant if it can’t move. When you open your place up, the energy flows and it’s like a river coming through and clearing away the debris of your psychic travail.

Sage it out! Light a sage wand, or (my preference) burn sage leaves on a charcoal pellet and waft the sage smoke through the house. Be sure and let the smoke get up into the corners and around the edges of walls and crevices, as this is where negative spirits will keep themselves. Mind your smoke alarm! Consider using another method to clear the space around that. No need to scare the neighbors. And be careful you don't drop sparks. The wands can be a little messy that way, so exercise care.

If you don’t like the smell of sage (my cats hate it, but they have to deal), you can use any high quality incense. Sage is particularly effective against active negative entities; incense will lift the atmosphere very well and clear it of residual negativity. And even though sage smells a little like weed, no worries. (I had the local constabulary rap at my door one evening in response to a domestic disturbance down the walkway just as I was in full magical housekeeping mode, and when I opened the door a blast of sage smoke struck the officer. I stood there looking very witchy-woo in a black outfit, my hair messy, and cats twining around my ankles as I held a smoking plate of sage. He never said a word about it. He’s a So Cal cop!)

You can also walk around your home with a candle, or a crystal wand (I love, love, love my selenite wand!) and say words of cleansing and protection. You can make up the words, or use words from your religious tradition. You can invoke Jesus, the angels, or the saints, or whomever you pray to for protection. The main point is that YOU invoke the protection and OWN it. As with all prayer and spell work, it is your energy that makes it work. This is not the time to be a wimp. This is your home. Claim it.

Banish the negativity. Send it away – direct it out of windows and tell it to leave. Invoke calm and love for your home, and call in protection if you feel the need for that. Rearrange your crystals and determine which will take pride of place for the next lunar cycle. My selenite globe usually fills that role and sits squat in the center of the house.

AA Michael is known for his protective work and will always gird a home if you ask him. One of the archangels, Michael is found in all spiritual traditions, which is remarkable if you think about it. But you have to ask. Your energy starts the process. I don’t know why this is, but it is. You have to ask. (Remember that time is a dimension, so you can ask for protection for the past, too – oh that’s a discussion for another night…)

There are lots of other housekeeping hints like this to discuss, but it’s getting late and I have to go finish my cleaning. I guarantee that if you do this little psychic shakeout, the space will feel lighter to you afterwards. If you routinely clean your home, you know what I mean. Please add to this discussion and comment with your methods. If this is new to you… give it a try. This is the perfect time to do it.

For my Muslim friends: Ramadan Mubarak! May the peace of Allah be upon you and may you have wonderful evenings of feasting following the fasts!


  1. Great post! Might just do it. Haven't blessed the house in a while. And the last time I blessed it I was so annoyed with older son, I hardly think that counts. -C

  2. Even God gets annoyed, Carole. The beauty of this little ritual is that it is used by all major spiritual traditions, in one form or another. It offends no one. It has really made a difference in my life. Thanks for posting. I'm hoping to get dialogue here.

  3. I always sleep soundly after a good saging.