Sunday, August 16, 2009

New Moon Magic

A friend suggested I write about New Moon work as the New Moon is approaching (around the 20th). I’m happy to oblige.

Moon work is supremely centering and relaxing. We humans have always looked to the Moon for calendaring, crop planting, and various and general inspiration. We ladies learn at an early age that our life cycles correspond to the same 28-day rhythm as Moon phases. Everything from tidal flow to emergency rooms crises and child birth rates seem to crescendo as the moon waxes, so it’s the rare mind that disassociates totally from the notion that the Moon is somehow energetically connected to us. Being mindful of Moon phases is very useful in leading a magical life. Tailoring meditations and life tasks with Moon phase is a tidy and cyclical way of dealing with all things in their proper time.

Take for example the phase of the New Moon: the time when the Moon is Dark and not visible to us. Many believe that the Dark is the time of greatest power in the Moon cycle. I think this is because it is the time of greatest possibility. The Dark occurs only for a moment, even though the sky seems pretty dark for several nights. The Moon is about to begin the waxing phase and so this discrete moment of Dark is a moment of pure anticipation. It is symbolic of the moment at which thought and intention become manifest; when out of the cosmic field, waves become particles. I picture Dr. Fred Alan Wolf running around, waving his arms and going on about axioms and resistance (I love Dr. Wolf so much). It’s a heady concept, and great for late night discussions. But what does the New Moon mean to us on a day-to-day level? How do we work with her?

On a practical level, the time approaching the New Moon (which we are in now: the Moon is in the third quarter as I write) is good for letting go, cleaning house, wrapping up old business, cutting cords, discarding behavior which no longer serves you - that sort of thing. As the Moon appears smaller and smaller; as that crescent wanes to a sliver, consider what YOU can let go of. What no longer serves you? Is it behavioral patterns that are long ingrained? Is it the clutter in the junk drawer of the kitchen?

Are you stalled in fear and not accomplishing all that you want to accomplish? Clear it out! Do you want to start a project? Sit down, clear your head, and do some concrete thinking and planning. Do your groundwork. Moon is about to start to wax and with that energy you can accomplish anything.

As the Moon wanes down, you too can crouch down in preparation for springing into action during the waxing phase. Get ready. You can do anything if you put your mind to it. And Luna is always there to keep you in mind of your own possibilities.

However you meditate, take a moment to think on the Moon. Ask Her for guidance (or ask whichever Deity you talk to). Your Deity created the Moon (regardless of your spiritual tradition, I think this is a given). The Moon is there to help guide you. You can’t get it wrong; look up and see what you see. Put on some music that makes you move, and clear out your mind, your home, your life!

Now I'm not a highly metaphysical man/But I know when the stars are aligned you can - Michael Franti, Say Hey I Love You

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