Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Grounding Myself Tonight

Did you feel it? The atmosphere today was kinda off. Absolute confirmation came when the staff at Starbucks related their clientele was either out of sorts or spacey today. Then my Vedic astrologer friend Adam Eliot explained that Venus is going through a difficult transit, and we are feeling the energetic wave effect of that celestial experience.

All day long I felt like I needed to watch the sky for incoming… who knows what. So tonight… grounding…. Back to center. Shower off the detritus of the day’s negativity. Salt bath soak. Walk on the Earth and send roots of my energy tendriling down to the pulsing core energy that sustains us all. Water the garden and feel the plant energy. I want to feel any energy that connects with the Earth. I want to sleep outside tonight.


  1. That is exactly what I need to do! Must connect to the Earth.

  2. Earthpower! Melenkurion Skyweir Abatha!