Monday, August 10, 2009

Start Me Up!

First post on Magical Home/Magical Life! Finally! I'll get pix and more up in the next few days, but had to get started on this blog even without them. There's something about the energy in the air right now that motivates me. The time is right.

The whole purpose of my scribbling here is to explore ideas, create dialogue, and help others create a happy home environment, a happy family environment, and happy life through the use of magic. Everyday magic. Practical magic.

What's practical magic? Well for me it's a combination of the old ways (read: pagan wisdom) and quantum physics. We have the tools. Most of the time they're free or low cost. Most of the time we have them in abundance.

Moon work, crystal work, energy work, herbs and oils, meditation, wakeful dreaming, mediumship. We're going to discuss it all. It's not a secret. But it is ignored and discarded.

So let's change that and unlock the information.


  1. fabulous blog!! long over due.. you do have "fans" out here!!!

  2. Aw thanks blumer0728.... I want the blog to be entertaining and useful. It's still a baby blog and I 'm eager to see where we go with it!